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What Should I Consider When Choosing A Prom Dress Online From a Dress Rental Service?

Choosing a prom dress online is not as simple as it seems. There are many factors one should consider before going ahead with a purchase. Firstly, the dress must be suitable for the occasion and your body type. Secondly, it must be within your budget, and lastly, you need to think about sustainability.

Choose from statement, designer, or dream prom dress collections

Formal and event dresses are expensive and the pressure to get something versatile and trendy is there, while trying to see if the dress is suitable for the occasion and your body type. With an online prom dress rental, you can indulge in any extravagant, princess, statement, or show stopping dress without worrying if it will put a large dent in your wallet or if you can wear it again. If you go for designer collections, you can choose from different designs for only a fraction of the retail cost.

You save a lot of money

We’ll say it again: Formalwear is expensive. And more often you get to wear it only once, twice if you’re lucky. Prom dresses normally range from $100 to $600. Designer dresses can cost over $1,000. By comparison, rental prom dresses range from $45 to $150, depending on the style. That’s savings or around $135 to $735.


In reality, most glamour and formal dresses are just plastic and synthetics. They aren’t sustainable. Imagine all the petroleum, energy, and underpaid/overworked labour just to make them. And when they’re thrown away, they just add to all the plastic waste in the world. With a prom dress rental, a single dress rented over and over can save all the plastic, energy, pollution, and forced labour of producing ten or more of the same dress.

Where can you rent a prom dress from?

You can rent the best prom dress choice from Prom Dress for Hire by Borrow My Dress. Our clothing rental service has designs and collections from many international and Australian designers. If you’re interested to learn more about dress rentals, check out our site at https://promdressforhire.com/ or you can call us directly at 0468996995.