woman in yellow gown

Wearing a 2021 Pantone Color of the Year Dress to Prom

Getting ready for prom early on gives you an advantage in different ways. For one, you will have plenty of time to pick out the right dress, not to mention mix and match your outfit with your date’s getup. In finding the perfect prom dress, one of the first things you consider is colour. You could go for the classic black or peach and pink schemes, but if you want to get in with the trend this year, you might want to choose yellow.


2021’s Pantone Color of the Year


PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating, which can be described as a bright and warm type of yellow, is one of Pantone’s Colors of the Year. What could be more stylish than slipping on to something that has made it to the most popular colour guide for fashion and design?


If you have not worn anything in this shade before, then the time is now. Yellow goes well with almost all skin types. And with Pantone 13-0647, you could stand out from a crowd, even in pictures.


Here are some ideas for your prom dress.


Illuminate the Possibilities


The Short Prom Dress


If you are not into long gowns and would prefer something lighter and more flexible, i.e. if you are planning to dance when your favourite songs come on, perhaps a short prom dress will suit you just fine. Show off your long legs and accessorise with a bedazzled pair of heels. Flaunt your entire look with your date on the dance floor, and have fun all night long!


The Long, Plus-Size Prom Dress


Being curvy does not mean only choosing dark colours to mask the shape of your body. Why not flaunt it? It can be a flattering colour if you wear the right one. We suggest a yellow long gown—just make sure the accents are on the right areas of the dress to help accentuate your curves. You can never go wrong with adding some crystal or diamond accessories into the mix. But don’t overdo it, as yellow is already a bright colour and requires just the right amount of sparkle.


Why Buy When You Can Borrow My Dress?


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