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Wardrobe Essentials for 2020 (Including Prom Dresses)

Many have traded jeans, work outfits, and dresses for sweatpants, shorts, and tongs while working from home for the time being. But, pandemic or no pandemic, solid wardrobe essentials will outlive anything. And the year 2020 has not ended yet, even if none of us knows how long this pandemic will last. So, a closet with a reliable foundation of clothes makes it easier to maintain a new work from home routine, dress for important Zoom meetings, and help us get back up to speed once the pandemic has passed. A wardrobe staple will always be enduring, and since 2020 still has a long way to go…

Here are a few essentials you may need to add to your closet


Topshop Faux-Leather Shirtdress

Leather will always be a staple in any year because it will never become outdated. Only the styles change. Leather fashion has ranged from suit separates to spring dresses. Honestly, leather is easy to style and pair with other non-leather clothes, and it adds texture to elevate other basics. The Topshop Faux-Leather Shirtdress is one example. Simple but elegant, essential but dependable wear.


Printed Dress

Versatility has never been in the language of bold floral dresses, but every woman should have a pair or two of a printed dress. A printed whole dress is crucial for every woman’s wardrobe. It’s something simple but not too trendy, and it carries the right appearance even at work or any dozens of occasions any time of the year. Some women actually love wearing it more often.


Solid Colour Dress

In contrast to the floral or printed dress, a complete closet means having a solid colour dress. It doesn’t necessarily have to be black, if that’s not your thing. A solid colour dress is reliable like the printed dress, something that you can just put on quickly for work or any occasion.


Borrow My Dress

If you’re slowly coming out from quarantine and you don’t have time to update your closet, you can always get in touch with Borrow My Dress for any of the above or other wardrobe shortages. This can include prom dresses rentals for upcoming proms and events. Get in touch with us so we can discuss your needs and serve you better even during the pandemic. Click on our website today at