woman sitting and in her red dress

The Red Proom Dress: Choosing the Right Red Dress, Accessorising, and What Make-up to Wear

Looking for the best prom dress for you? Or are you still thinking if a red prom dress will suit you? Wondering where to rent your prom dress? (This one is easy. All you need is to look up Borrow My Dress rental clothing) Check out our helpful tips and see if red is suited to you.

Is a red prom dress the right choice?

Red is a passionate but warm colour. It exudes a positive power and radiates strength, power, and energy. It is often associated with passion and love, so wearing a red prom dress can boost your confidence. If you have any of the above in your personality, then a red prom dress is the right one for you. 

Choosing the right red shade for your skin tone

  • Light or pale skin – This cool skin needs pink-based reds like strawberry, crimson, ruby, and cherry red.
  • Darker skin – Warm skin is generally better with bright orange-based reds or yellow-based reds like maroon, tomato red, poppy, and fire red.

Short or long red dress

This is more of a personal preference, regardless of your body type. You may consider a short dress if your purpose is to dance all night. If your goal is to look glamorous, pick a floor-length red gown.

Accessorise properly

  • Mix different shades of red – If you need to use a jacket, trench coat, scarf, or shawl, use a slightly darker or lighter shade than your dress.
  • Wear low-heeled shoes or heels – Wear red wine flats with a short red dress. For striking or floor-length red dresses, wear deep red leather shoes or high heels. 
  • Jewellery with red gems – Wear jewellery such as earrings with deep red rubies, garnets, or Swarovski crystals. If your red dress has a classic look, wear silver or white gold jewellery. You can add drama with a matching red ring.
  • Strap and wallet should match your dress – Make sure your strap and carry wallet are in the same shade of red as your dress. Always choose a small handbag, so the centre of attention stays with your dress.

Make-up to match your red dress

The best make-up to complement any red dress or gown is the smokey style, silverish, or pin-up girl. You can also go with natural eye make-up and bold red lips. Make sure your skin and eye areas are glowing before applying any make-up. Clean these areas carefully. The eyes and lips will define your make-up if it matches with your red dress or gown.     

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