woman in pink chiffon proom dress

The Best Fabrics for the Proom Dress

When you go through a collection of prom dresses in a dress rental service for your coming prom event, are you amazed at the different fabrics and the feel in the hand of each cloth? However, people tend to ignore dress fabrics and focus more on outer appearance, design aesthetics, and size fittings. But many fashion experts advise that you need to take note of fabric descriptions while searching for a proom dress online because the right material can make or break a prom dress or gown and its silhouette.

So, are there fabrics that make the best prom dresses?


This fabric is gorgeous for any glamorous proom dress or ball gown. The qualities that give velvet its shine, depth, richness, and sexiness are its strong and beautiful sheen, soft and elegant drape, shimmering surface, very soft texture, strength and durability, and smoothness. If you want to go classic, choose marbled velvet.


This is a beautiful fabric, being very fine and lightweight. Chiffon’s good characteristics include it being a plain weave, made from loose and tightly twisted yarns, soft and supple, drapes and gathers well, fine, transparent, and taut.


This woven fabric is popular for elegant formal wear. What makes it a favourite choice for dressmakers are its slightly creased or wrinkled appearance, grainy and textured surface, being lightweight, matte and flexible stretch, and a graceful drape.


For formal evening gowns, nothing beats satin. This chic and opulent fabric has characteristics that give it tremendous depth and movement such as a sleek and glossy face, woven fabric with a very specific weave, is made from silk, cotton, wool, and synthetics, and is highly lustrous. Satin is also popular for upholstery, beddings, and furnishings.

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