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Avoid School Formal Mishaps: Rent a Prom Dress in Advance and More

The prom is the most anticipated event of a high schooler’s life. It is an unforgettable night of fun and dance with friends and fellow schoolmates. As such, you must be prepared for what potential risks may come as you set out for the best night of your life as a teenager. Here are some things to take note of to avoid prom mishaps.

The hair

Trying a different hairstyle, haircut, or hair colour for prom can either work or end up terribly. To make sure that you can still change it, in case it does not go your way, have it done several weeks in advance. If you change your mind about your look, you will still have time to find something else that is more suitable. You can grow out of your hair and style it in another way that works for you. Seek help from a hairstylist if you are not confident about doing it yourself.

The dress

In searching for your school formal prom dress, start at least two to three months in advance. This gives you plenty of time to look for something that matches your size, skin tone, and your personal preferences. While you are at it, you might want to consider renting a dress instead of buying a new one, especially if you are on a budget. You can find plenty of prom dresses for rent at Borrow My Dress. Visit their website today to start shopping.

The shoes

Aside from choosing the perfect pair of shoes that match your dress, you should likewise break your heels in weeks before the prom. Try getting used to walking and dancing in them to avoid falling on the floor or spraining your ankle. This should help your feet be more comfortable throughout the night.

The key takeaway here is to always be prepared beforehand. That way, you will enjoy your school formal without running into any wardrobe malfunctions or hairstyles fails.

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