woman in gold ball gown

Prom Dress Ball Gowns and How to Wear Them

If you’ve dreamed of looking like a princess or royalty on the big prom night, then you should choose a ball gown prom dress. Ball gowns are the perfect princess royalty style because of their full skirts, rhinestone-encrusted, ruffle patterns, corset back, strapless sweetheart neckline, and a Cinderella slip. Ball gowns will make you look extravagant and fabulous the whole evening. 

Of course, before you start searching for that perfect ball gown, consider these starting points of advice.

Do alterations early

Once you’ve selected the best ball gown for you, have all alterations and adjustments done early after fitting the gown several times. Take note of hemlines, waist alterations, straps that need to be added, wrist loops, and bustle buttons.

Consider what you’ll be doing the whole night

Proms aren’t just dancing and fun. You need to consider how long dinner will be and how long you’ll be sitting. You need to know how your ball gown works out while you sit. If your ball gown is a corset up-top, ensure that it doesn’t keep scratching into your torso uncomfortably. If your fabric is silk or taffeta, these are prone to creasing when you sit. 

Plan your visits to the loo

Realistically, going to the loo when wearing a ball gown needs preparation, and your friends. The best way to go about it is to sit the opposite way and straddle the toilet. The whole process may take twice as long, so you need to enlist your friends as security and to help you hold up your skirt as you sit down. You can also plan to go to the loo together so you can take turns on the toilet.

Your shoes

Be aware of what the floor is made of, because the hemline of your ball gown, and your feet, will depend on it. Avoid shoes that have too many decorations. Choose smooth block heels that hold well with any floor. Or if you want to be sure, wear trainers. Nobody will notice them anyway under all that flowing ball gown.

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