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Prom Dress and Proms: Students Get Creative During Quarantine

Try to imagine the devastation thousands of students across Australia must have felt when the coronavirus struck and lockdowns forced schools to cancel graduations and proms. Many of these students had already chosen their prom dress and outfits when word came of the cancellations.

To lessen the impact of the cancellations, many enterprising parents, businesses, and even students set up their own virtual or “backyard” proms, of course sticking close to health protocols and precautions.

Online Proms
The parents of one high school organised an online prom. They decorated a civic centre complete with a DJ. The boys were in another decorated civic centre and connected through video conferencing from various cameras. A little dancing was done, but mostly it was for the purpose of taking pictures so the kids can take home a memory of their “pandemic prom.”

Small Proms
Some parents organised watch parties in different locations ranging from the backyard, the basement, a parking lot, in front of a historic building, or open fields. There would only be a few kids and their partners (and always the parents in tow). These watch parties would sometimes be broadcast on school cable channels or video platforms so that their classmates can organise a similar event.

Just photography
Some students, especially in hard pandemic-hit areas, just hired photographers in small groups and had photo sessions in selected instagrammable areas. Some had the sessions outside their homes.

Prom on wheels
In one school, parents and students organised a “prom on wheels” and linked up with local businesses, a DJ, and a photographer. Students numbering not more than six gathered at selected homes. Using a pickup truck with a sound system, the DJ and photographer went from house to house. Students could request three songs so they can dance on the front lawn, have their pictures taken, and then the truck would move on to the next house. What happened was, some seniors and parents tagged along after their homes were visited, creating a parade of fun-honking cars.

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