woman in a two-piece black gown

Prom Coming Up? Wear a Two-Piece Prom Dress

The two-piece prom dress is a rising trend that started only a few years back and continues up to this time. The dress gets its name because of the unique separation of the dress that creates a sexy sliver of skin in the stomach area. The two-piece dress combines a skirt and a top that is called a dress and are yet separate. What also makes the two-piece dress unique is that you can choose details that suit your body type. Some two-piece prom dresses come with a short skirt to make dancing comfortable. Another gorgeous type is the long and flowing dress with the strapless top. 

Picking the right colour

If you’ve already picked what style idea you want, you need to consider the right colour for your prom night look. Consider these things:

  • Your skin colour.
  • Your date’s skin colour.
  • Your hair colour.
  • The prom’s theme and the inspiration for the night.

Lighter skin tones usually look better with darker colours or jewel colour tones. Medium skin tones look great with metallic, neutrals, or olive colours. Darker skin tones look better with pastels, gold, and white colours. Also, consider hair colour, your date’s outfit colour (make sure you both agree on colours that don’t clash against each other), and the prom night’s inspiration and theme.

Keep material in mind

Material is crucial because you need a dress with fabric that feels comfortable, flexible enough on the dance floor, and will generally last the whole night. Jersey materials are usually stretchy and allow mobility. Silk and satin gleam well in photos and the dance floor. Chenille, lace, and tulle can also be considered for elegance and glamour.

Keep the budget in mind

Budget is crucial and will be limited for young people when looking for a two-piece dress. Instead of going to shop and buy a dress that you might seldom use, if ever, why not just rent a prom dress from a dress rental service. You can choose from a wide array of selections, fashions, and styles, and you can have the dress sent to your home by post, or you can pick it up from the rental service. You can start by calling up or visiting Prom Dress for Hire by Borrow My Dress

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