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Popular Rental Dresses for 2020 (Including Proom Dresses)

Owning clothes (at least the fashionable ones) is becoming ancient history. Rental platforms such as Prom Dress for Hire by Borrow My Dress have been the industry’s 2020 success story despite a still raging pandemic. When a specific fashion trends, what is the pleasure of wearing the exact same outfit that three other women in the office are wearing? Clothing rental platforms have thus, become the rage because people can just rent everything from fashionable gowns, proom dress, wedding gowns, and office suits.


Did the pandemic affect the clothing rental industry? Of course, it did. For about a couple of months to three. Then, people working from home started to get tired of home clothes (tracksuits, shorts, pyjamas, etc.) and decided, “Why not dress up during conference calls, online meetings, and generally, just for work?” But instead of going out to retail stores (which can still be risky) to buy, many are opting for clothing rentals. 


Dressing up while working from home also made for interesting posts on Instagram and Facebook to keep up the humour among family and friends to ward off the daily bad news.

Trendy 2020 Rental Dresses

That “Yolo” Theme

When winter broke, people upped the ante and went for spring and summer tropical printed dresses. Some went for “island-ready” and Hawaiian coloured dresses. The more colourful, the better, because it just looked good on social media. This trend will definitely go through to December and beyond during the summer months.


“Zoom-Ready” Clothes

Saturated colours like tangerine, lime, and tomato red are now all the rage as top performers during Zoom online meetings. People also take notice of dresses with voluminous sleeves. 


Whole Slip Dresses

As more women shift away from dull athleisure attire and matching sweatsuits, the shift is towards happy-hour slip dresses or “one-and-done” super stylish and comfy dresses that look like you’re going to the bar or a garden party. These look good not only when working from home but for that weekly trip to the groceries. Nothing like a lovely dress to get heads turning again.


Borrow My Dress

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