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Looking for Prom Dresses? Go for A-Line Dresses

In 1947, Christian Dior launched what it called at that time, The New Look Collection. This new fashion trend from France would slowly see the demise of the corset and heavy skirts. The fashion takes its cue from World War 2, when women were directed to wear pants. This collection set the fashion tone in the 1950s until, in 1955, Dior started to call this modern silhouetted, youthful, and liberal shape, the A-line. Not to be outdone, in 1958, Yves Saint Laurent launched a whole collection of A-line dresses.

What is the A-line dress line?

The A-line dress is in the shape of an A. By the 1970s and 80s, the A-line wasn’t an exclusive term for dresses. Skirts and coats with the familiar triangular silhouette were also called A-line. So long as a dress or garment is narrow and fitted at the top, and then widens either starting at the bust or waist, in a straight line to the hem, imitating the A shape, then it was named thus.

What makes the A-line dress flattering as a prom dress?

The A-line is somewhat the holy grail for every body shape. The magic in the A-line is that it reduces the midsection while drawing attention to the bust area. The dress takes attention away from the thighs, a plus for those women with large thighs and legs. Thus, an A-line dress highlights and accentuates the waistline and curves as well. This is also the main reason why most bridesmaid dresses are A-line in design. So, when an A-line dress is worn at a prom, its single and flattering fit will make any body type stand out in style.

Great A-line styles for proms

  • The Off-shoulder black A-line dress is fashionable, adorable, and sexy, especially if you want to show off your shoulders and figure. Try an all-pink off-shoulder or an all-black off-shoulder A-line dress for additional attraction.
  • The Printed floral A-line dress is simple but loveable. It highlights any hourglass figure, bust, and upper body. 
  • A-line mini dress is a classic for all women for all body types. If it’s wintertime, you can try an A-line mini-dress classic with sleeves as a perfect option.

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