woman in red and nude mermaid dress

Go Under the Sea with a Mermaid Proom Dress

You haven’t heard of the mermaid dress yet? Have a look, and maybe you might want to consider the mermaid dress as your prom dress to look perfect in your next special event: The Prom. After all, you need a beautiful and flawless dress to wear to one of the most important nights of your life. 

Take a look at a few things to consider wearing a mermaid dress

What is a mermaid dress?

The mermaid dress is a popular choice in selected formal occasions and amongst prom-goers. One look at mermaid dress designs will have you looking and setting options, especially when these options come from the wide selections offered by Prom Dress for Hire by Borrow My Dress. Mermaid dresses not only make the wearer look pretty, but they are also designed to fit and flare by clinging to your figure and then flaring out from your legs. This is the dress that flaunts your curves and shoulders.

Body shape

You’re lucky if you have an hourglass figure, so the mermaid dress is definitely for you. However, an apple or pear body shape will not go well with a mermaid dress. This dress accent the hips. The dress might not flatter well if you have broader or larger hips.


Always measure carefully, and ask professionals to do so, especially if you’re renting your prom dress. The professionals will make sure that you get the correct measurements that are very important in wearing a mermaid dress. Wrong measurements spell disaster for a mermaid dress, so always demand accuracy.

Other helpful considerations

  • After trying on the dress, walk and dance around to make sure you’re comfortable. You’re not just standing all night at the prom.
  • Test if you can walk around comfortably and your dress fits properly. Mermaid dresses tend to limit movement in the legs and feet.
  • Make sure you wear seamless underwear so that the dress will look well fitted and smooth.

Mermaid dress from Borrow My Dress

Like any other prom outfit, there’s a process in measuring and renting a mermaid proom dress. Borrow My Dress will make sure that your measurements are accurate. They can help you pick out the best colour and style of mermaid dress, while avoiding any last-minute rush. If you decide to rent a mermaid prom dress, make sure you pick the best dress rental online, Borrow My Dress. Enquire at https://promdressforhire.com/ or give us a ring at 0468996995.