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Choosing and Wearing Corset Prom Dresses

In any young person’s high school life, the prom is one event that will remain unforgettable. This is why many girls go out of their way to make it truly memorable by wearing an outfit that will positively make heads turn. A corset prom dress can do this. However, certain factors should be considered before selecting a corset dress. One important aspect to consider is that, instead of buying a prom dress that you might wear only once, why not rent a dress or gown from a dress or gown rental service like Borrow My Dress.


The classic and elegant choice of colours for corset dresses are black, silver, and white. If you want to be a standout and make a style declaration, you can choose sparkling gold, vivid crimson, turquoise, deep blue, and purple. Different girls have different favourites, but be careful with emerald and bubble-gum colours. But if you’re really bold, you can choose these colours or lime, fuchsia, and orange.


Long dresses look great made from satin or silk. These fabrics are in-demand and favoured for their natural fall or if stitched into pleats. Tulle is better suited for short dresses because it can add volume to fuller dresses. Chiffon is another cloth that can make dresses stiff, therefore accentuating its layers and is suitable for both short and lengthy dresses.


Corset prom dresses generally either come in strapless style or with thin spaghetti straps. If you want a more conservative design, you can opt for bustier sleeved corset dresses. You can also go for a gothic-style corset dress with sleeves.     

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