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2021 Fashion Colour Palette Forecast Perfect for Your Proom Dress

The Pantone Color Institute has one of the most anticipated trend forecastings every end of the year. Last year, Pantone reported the Classic Blue, Flame Scarlet, Saffron, Biscay Green, Chive, and Grape Compote, among many others, were the colours for the New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer of 2020. What do you think the colour palette will be next year?


Fashion Colours for 2021


Pantone forecasted 10 striking colours for New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2021:

  •         Marigold
  •         Rust
  •         Cerulean
  •         Illuminating
  •         French blue
  •         Burnt coal
  •         Green ash
  •         Mint
  •         Raspberry sorbet
  •         Amethyst orchid


The Institute’s experts said the palette highlights the desire for a range of colours that spark inventiveness and ingenuity.


“Colours whose versatility transcend the seasons and allow for more freedom of choice – colours that lend themselves to original colour statements and whose flexibility easily adapts to our new and more fragmented lifestyle.”


The palette was also said to have flexibility—composing of colours that would work throughout 2021 and providing a sense of warmth and comfort that can inspire positivity.


If there’s one thing we need from 2021 is that positivity as we move forward from a year that has given us struggle and grief because of a global pandemic. Indeed, this is something to look forward to and live by.


Proom dress ideas


Students, parents, teachers, and other school staff would like nothing better than extending that same kind of mood-lifting theme to proms and school formals. If you ever need colour ideas for your 2021 school prom, this is it. You have a wide variety of colours to choose from. You only need to make sure that you match the colour of your Pantone prom dress with the rest of your look. Plan out your ideas as early as now, so you will have more time to pick and choose what colour and style works for you.


Borrow My Dress


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